October Newsletter – Words

October Words.

1. Recent goings-on

Hello! Winter has come. Well, actually it’s autumn – basically not Summer, though. Although we have had a bit of an Indian Summer in the UK.

2. For the Misfortune fans

The characters are taking over. Thank goodness for writing.

3. For the Daydreamers

The words people use, in fiction and in real life, reveal a lot about them.

“All speech acts are goal-oriented.” That phrase lodged itself in my brain during a linguistics lecture I once attended.

Every thing we say, each word selection, is ultimately to achieve some kind of goal. I find this idea useful when writing dialogue.

When a fictional character speaks there is a pool of alternative words they can to dip into to achieve a particular effect.
Let’s say they are talking about children. They could choose use a variety of descriptions – for instance kid, brat, squirt, rugrat, tyke, urchin or munchkin.
Each choice has a different psychological effect – brat, for instance, has negative connotations – it implies a child is badly behaved.

The selection of the words is being used to achieve a desired effect, or goal.
Of course a character can choose to speak in a responsible, measured, neutral way. But if they are angry, sad or manipulative there are plenty of charged words to scoop out of the vocabulary pool.

4. Wishing you well this October. Thanks for reading.

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