Iced Tea Guidelines


Summer is coming – my taken on this refreshing drink.


6(ish) tea bags – experiment with mix of fruit, black tea

2 pints nearly-boiled water

2 pints room temperature water (Cold water makes the tea cloudy)

Metal or glass receptacles for steeping (NEVER plastic)


Bring 2 pints water near to boiling point – but not boiling;

Place tea bags in receptacle.

Pour the near-boiling water into receptacle over tea bags.

Steep for 5-7 minutes (or to taste)

Pour into 4 pint receptacle and then add the 2 pints room temperature water.

Cool or refrigerate.

To serve – Fill glass with ice. Pour the tea over it, and sweeten to taste.

(Sugar syrup is best for sweetening, as granulated sugar never quite all dissolves. Make syrup by dissolving sugar in a saucepan. Once it’s clear, keep in jar and in the fridge.)

And there we are! Thanks to anyone I’ve borrowed ideas from over the years. These are just guidelines.

Tales of New Berlin

Canva New Berlin

I am writing some steampunk-style short stories under the title “Tales of New Berlin”. In “The Escape from Stygia” a ship from New Berlin attempts to drill its way to the centre of the earth, but emerges into a strange city of the dead, where the explorers encounter a man called Hanna who calls himself a “gentleman adventurer”.

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