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In “The Spa” a possibly-terminally-ill journalist investigates a series of bizarre phenomena seeking evidence of life after death.

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I wrote a recent piece on M.E. and writing for the Lucy Writers Platform

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Latest Blogs

Remembering Ian Rudd

My cousin Ian Rudd died in April 2018. Paramedics were called in the early morning and were unable to resuscitate him. This is an edited version of a blog I wrote for severe ME Day in 2015 while Ian was still alive. He suffered from…

Hospital & M.E.

HOSPITAL AND M.E.I signed off my oncology and surgery teams a few years ago. It would be good to think that things have improved since then for people with M.E. going into hospital for surgery or other reasons. From several patients I have spoken to…

“Cape Misfortune” Finalist in CIBA Supernatural Awards

Well, “Cape Misfortune” has made it through to the finals of the CIBA award for Paranormal Fiction. It’s very gratifying to get feedback. I’m pleased someone liked it! The first two books in the “Cape Misfortune” trilogy are out now. The third is on the…

Klang Designs “Cape Misfortune” selection

I’m excited to announce some new Cape Misfortune apparel, in collaboration with New York designer KLANG(TM)! New items include iconic locations in the Cape Misfortune trilogy -like Wish Bay, Fury Bay, and Crowley’s Bar. T-Shirts are currently available at the special offer price of $13!…

January 2022 Newsletter – Criticism

Recent goings-on Hello! It’s January. Another year. Hope springs eternal. I hope good things happen for you in 2022. For the Misfortune fans I’ve developed a sneaky fondness for the anti-hero of Cape Misfortune, Mr. Krampton, or Krampus. The third and final book in the…

October Newsletter – Words

October Words. 1. Recent goings-onHello! Winter has come. Well, actually it’s autumn – basically not Summer, though. Although we have had a bit of an Indian Summer in the UK.2. For the Misfortune fansThe characters are taking over. Thank goodness for writing.3. For the DaydreamersThe words people use, in…

August 2021 Newsletter: Characters

Taken in the water 1 Recent goings-on. Hello! I’ve recently been enjoying the therapeutic joys of wild swimming in the sea. I purchased a waterproof phone cover and took a few pictures in the water, including the one above. In the “Haunts of the Black…


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