Author Finalsmall2Henry Anderson is the author of “The Mouth” and occasional blogger. A complete list of his posts can be found here.

He recently argued that Edgar Allan Poe’s first literary detective was not the famous Auguste Dupin, but a bewildered man unable to solve a massive mystery.


Henry’s first novel “The Mouth” is out now.

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When Jack’s family is killed, his only chance of survival is to travel through “The Mouth” – a device that opens doors into other worlds.

A Goodreads review said the book was “a bleak, bloody and violent story that rockets along at breakneck speed… For anyone 16+ who enjoys reading dark Sci Fi / Fantasy, I thoroughly recommend “The Mouth.” It is an exciting, satisfying read, with a great main character in Jack and an upbeat ending.”

Buy it here. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

Listen to the author read Chapter One. Click here for locations that inspired the story and here for some sketches.


Henry’s   new novel,  “Cape Misfortune,” is out soon.

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In “The Spa” – a terminally-ill journalist visits a haunted village. In the steampunk-inspired “Tales From New Berlin“, published on Wattpad, a self-styled “gentleman adventurer” confronts ancient mysteries.