The Mouth

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The Mouth

When Jack’s home town is burned down, his mortally-wounded grandfather tells him of a device called “The Mouth” that opens doors into other worlds.

The boy escapes from the “Curfew” – a brutal realm of war machines, vengeful soldiers and burned-out Resistance caves — in a stolen Centurion tank.

He must do the impossible – find the world that gave his enemies their extraordinary power and travel to an England known simply as “The Maximum.” The Mouth is a dark science-fantasy adventure story about hope, resolve and finding the courage to carry on fighting even when all seems lost.

“The Mouth is a bleak, bloody and violent story that rockets along at breakneck speed. For anyone 16+ who enjoys reading dark Sci Fi / Fantasy, I thoroughly recommend The Mouth. It is an exciting, satisfying read, with a great main character in Jack and an upbeat ending!”

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