Interviewed at the Drovers Gap

Interviewed at the Drovers Gap by the charming Henry Mitchell, who reads and writes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Carolina. Henry to Henry…

Picture from Henry’s Website


February 25, 2021

I read Henry Anderson’s new novel, Cape Misfortune II, in a day. I can’t remember the last time I did that. It was hard to put down, even for dinner. I skipped dessert.

We had a Henry to Henry conversation across the water (via email), about his new book, and writing in general. Here’s what we talked about:

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Interviewed by Veteran’s Group “The Scribe”

Henry Anderson’s ‘Agata’s Story’, the second novel in the ‘Cape Misfortune’ series, was published by Solstice on 15th January 2021. This is the spellbinding tale of a celebrated law enforcement officer in the wild coastline town of Cape Misfortune. Aptly named, so it seems, for Sergeant Agata Dollar is experiencing bizarre paranormal events!

Naturally I have to ask you some questions about your writing, Henry. Firstly, what led you into journalism and what areas were you involved in?

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Interesting chat with fellow author Justin Alcala

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Oh the magic of books. What would life be without them? More importantly, where would we be without their authors? We take for granted all of the dreamed up stories on our bookshelves and iPads. We forget about all of the work, love and struggles that goes into each word.

Today on the Justin Alcala blog, I’m excited to interview Solstice Publishing author, Henry Anderson.  Henry Anderson is a former news reporter who has written for national UK newspapers. He spent time as a farmhand in Australia before working in publishing and journalism. His current novels, “Cape Misfortune” and “The Mouth” are fantastic tales available on amazon. But before you pick them up, let’s learn a little bit about the man behind the stories. Let’s learn about the talented Henry Anderson. 

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Interviewed in the Tough Luck Lounge

I’ve just spent some time in the Tough Luck Lounge, hosted by the delightful Lois Crockett, author of “Tough Luck Lane.”

Welcome One and All to the Tough Luck Lounge, your virtual Tiki Bar in the Tough Luck world. Let’s grab a bar stool and have Stacey Jennifer Longacre, our bartender and drunk-wrangler extraordinaire, pour us a couple (on the house, as always).

We have a very special guest author here with us today… he’s hopped ‘cross The Pond from Merrie Olde England to grace our humble Tiki Hut…

…Cheers! Toasting the very handsome author HENRY ANDERSON! Welcome!

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“Everyone is human even if they have become zombies.” Interview with Linda Lingle.

Interviewed by talented author Linda Lingle. I discuss the origin of “Cape Misfortune” and claim, amongst other things, “everyone is human, even if they have become zombies.”


“Cape Misfortune” is a fantasy adventure about a disgraced Sheriff’s deputy on the foggy Pacific Northwest coast. Her world is turned upside down investigating disappearances that may be supernatural in origin.​

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