Cape Misfortune

“Welcome to beautiful Cape Misfortune.  Come for the rugged coastline and unspoiled beaches. Stay for the quaint customs and friendly welcome.”

Don’t ask about the people who are going missing. Locals blame it on other-worldly creatures who use the fog as cover.

Disgraced police woman Deputy Cassandra Dollar is fighting to keep her job after her ex-husband has lied about her. Her shift Sergeant no longer believes a word she says and her new patrol partner is more dangerous than any of the criminals she faces.

Then “The Levitator”, an ex-detective-turned-magician,  offers to help Cassandra unmask a terrible mystery. Why are people going missing? Where are they being taken to?   

Could an old house on a crumbling cliff be the gateway to another world?

Are the disappearances part of a conspiracy that threatens more than Cape Misfortune – maybe the future of the entire planet?