Cape Misfortune

A Cape Misfortune Playlist

Cape Misfortune FM – broadcasting to the foggy Pacific Northwest coast. Some local tunes and old favourites. Listen to the Spotify Playlist Doug Barnett – Southern Oregon 6AM Bernard Herrmann – Kidnapped (From “North by Northwest”) Yukno – Distanz Aaron Tippin – You’ve Got to Stand for Something Pdx – Oregon Fukkk Offf – Pacific […]

Cape Misfortune The Mouth

Henry Interviewed by Lizzy Stevens

Interviewed by fellow author Lizzie Stevens. Please tell us about your latest book. “Cape Misfortune” is a fantasy adventure about a disgraced Sheriff’s deputy on the foggy Pacific Northwest coast. Her world is turned upside down investigating disappearances that may be supernatural in origin. What can we expect from you in the future? I’m […]

Cape Misfortune Writing

Cape Misfortune is released!

My new book “Cape Misfortune” is out! “Welcome to beautiful Cape Misfortune. Come for the rugged coastline and unspoiled beaches. Stay for the quaint customs and friendly welcome.” Just don’t ask about the people who are going missing… Link

Literature Writing

Looking Something Up in an Actual Book.

An interest in Buddhism, a fluctuating chronic illness and a near-fatal bout of cancer has left me with a feeling that belongings aren’t terribly important. However, probably because I studied English at University,  I absolutely love my bonkers, hard-to-use, compact Oxford English Dictionary. We’ve been through a lot together. The complete twenty volumes of the […]

Life etc

Iced Tea Guidelines

Summer is coming – my taken on this refreshing drink. – Ingredients: 6(ish) tea bags – experiment with mix of fruit, black tea 2 pints nearly-boiled water 2 pints room temperature water (Cold water makes the tea cloudy) Metal or glass receptacles for steeping (NEVER plastic) – Instructions Bring 2 pints water near to boiling […]


Exclusive Supernatural Short Story!

An original supernatural tale for readers of this website. In “The Spa” a terminally-ill journalist investigates a story about the murderous ghost of a local businessman. Read The Spa


Edgar Allan Poe’s Less Successful First Detective.

It is often claimed Edgar Allan Poe invented the modern detective story in “The Murder in the Rue Morgue.” When the character of C. Auguste Dupin first appeared in 1841, the word detective did not yet exist. Poe claimed this new type of story was a tale of “ratiocination”- in which the main concern of […]