Teachable moments this Summer

Actual photo of just now

1 Recent goings on.

Wishing you a healthy and happy August! I’m writing this while staying in an East Sussex house that adjoins a farm. The sun is bathing the fields in light and warmth. Newly-shorn sheep and lambs are contentedly grazing and bleating at each other. There is a timeless quality.

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My first Newsletter: Orwell, Oregon and more.

Oregon coast, Depoe Bay (c) Dan Myers
  1. Recent goings-on.

Starting a newsletter during a health emergency seems frivolous somehow. But even in quarantine life goes on. So I sit in the garden, drinking in pale afternoon sunshine while April birdsong fills the air. Also the next door neighbour’s lawnmower fills the air.

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Michael’s Advice.

The most valuable piece of advice anyone ever gave me came from a nurse called Michael in psychiatric hospital. He wore tinted glasses and had a loud, biblical voice. At that time I had been ill with M.E for more than a decade, and it had made me acutely depressed. He said all of us have a cross to bear. For a child in Africa it may be that they do not enough to eat. Other peoples crosses might be smaller, they may be bigger, but your illness is a cross you have to bear. If you don’t come to terms with it you end up in places like this. Or worse.