“Cape Misfortune” shortlisted for award.

Henry Anderson’s “Cape Misfortune” has been shortlisted for a CIBA award in the “Supernatural’ category.

About “Cape Misfortune”

The advice in Cape Misfortune is not to swim.…

Who knows where those deadly rip tides end up? Grandma claimed they swept the unwary to beaches on dark islands across the sea.

But you can swim if you like, or drift, your body tiny and buoyant in an immensity of molten light.

It’s why I stayed on this coast when I should have traveled a thousand miles away…


A Non-Stop First-Class Flight of Fancy

The Pacific Northwest is dark, mysterious and it’s rocky shores are fraught with danger, myth and worlds beyond the mists. Blending mystery and fantasy, Anderson takes you on a roller coaster adventure ride you won’t want to put down until you’re done.
-Amazon Review

Fear Creeps Along

Enjoy that creepy, perpetually growing fear that comes with a good mystery? Then here you are. From start to finish this book had me dragged in. I read the entire thing while on a plane. From the foreshadowing opening with grandma to the foggy chapters that loom with anticipation, you’ll enjoy yourself and ask “where is everyone going?” -Amazon Review

Goodreads Review

“Cape Misfortune” by Henry Anderson is a dark, mysterious, supernatural tale that held me gripped to its very last page! It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever read. If you’re looking for a great read that keeps you guessing, I thoroughly recommend it! I loved it!
It’s got a great protagonist (Deputy Cassandra Dollar) & the kind of supernatural atmosphere that really draws you in. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Buy link: http://mybook.to/2capemisfortune

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