From the Cape Misfortune Guidebook

Get a free map of Cape Misfortune, a quaint piece of headland on the Southern Oregon Coast, from the tourist office in Main Street.

A few examples of local superstitions and customs taken from the Cape Misfortune Guidebook.

Borrow pence or Heg Pence – Ancient, faceless coins. Useful to pay off supernatural creatures.

Geshank – A knife, left out by the fay, that enslaves you forever if you pick it up. (Derived from Cape German“Geschenk,” meaning present.)

Hafferman – A tall man who waits in the Devil’s Hollow woods carrying a polished myrtlewood cudgel.

Krampus – Half-goat, half-human creature of Cape Misfortune folklore. Possibly considering world domination.

Murder Cake – A cake that poisons the just but fattens the wicked.

Oktoberfest – A riotous beer drinking festival held in Cape Misfortune’s main town, Valkyrie.

Untote – An undead person.

Walpurgisnacht – The night of 30 April. In Cape Misfortune a man wearing a furry Krampus costume heads up a procession of townspeople through Valkyrie.

Weasel – A type of local fog that people go missing in.

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