Drawing “Cape Misfortune.”

Our hero, Cassandra Dollar

I drew sketches on a tablet at the beginning of writing “Cape Misfortune” to help immerse myself into the the world(s) of the book. They can  be characters, maps, locations or anything, really.  Here are a few…

The Old Wessendorf House – a do-er upper.
Using the patrol car’s Mobile Computer Unit, courtesy of Venice County Sheriff’s Office.
Ex-Detective Charlie Playfair, “The Levitator.”

“Welcome to beautiful Cape Misfortune. Come for the rugged coastline and unspoiled beaches. Stay for the quaint customs and friendly welcome.”

Just don’t ask about the people who are going missing…

2 responses to “Drawing “Cape Misfortune.””

  1. That’s a great sketch of Cassandra Dollar ……I note she has poignant eyes in your depiction

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    1. Thanks for reading, Anita. She has, was trying to capture that, Cassandra has some hard-won wisdom.


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