Interviewed in the Tough Luck Lounge

I’ve just spent some time in the Tough Luck Lounge, hosted by the delightful Lois Crockett, author of “Tough Luck Lane.”

Welcome One and All to the Tough Luck Lounge, your virtual Tiki Bar in the Tough Luck world. Let’s grab a bar stool and have Stacey Jennifer Longacre, our bartender and drunk-wrangler extraordinaire, pour us a couple (on the house, as always).

We have a very special guest author here with us today… he’s hopped ‘cross The Pond from Merrie Olde England to grace our humble Tiki Hut…

…Cheers! Toasting the very handsome author HENRY ANDERSON! Welcome!

Tough Luck Lounge (TLL): How long have you been published? What titles have you published and with which publisher? Have you self-published any titles? Please give details.

Thank you for inviting me to the “Tough Luck Lounge!” Solstice Publishing released my first book, “The Mouth,” in 2016. The same publisher released “Cape Misfortune,” a few days ago. So I’m roughly two and a half years into the journey ofbeing a published author – and still have to pinch myself!

TLL: Tell us a little bit about your books — what genre you write, if you write a series, any upcoming releases or your current work-in-progress.

I am a fantasy writer, so far. My work tends to explore the space between the “real world” and other, imagined worlds. My locations and characters are grounded in reality, but scary supernatural forces are at work!

My latest book “Cape Misfortune” was published a few days ago. It’s the story of a sheriff’s deputy in the Pacific Northwest who slowly uncovers a dangerous mystery. My first book “The Mouth” was about a dystopian reality with a portal that lead the young hero into our “real” world.

TLL: What are your goals as a writer? What do you hope to achieve in the next few years? What are you planning to do to reach these goals?

My goal would be to entertain people and stir their imagination. I love to immerse myself in the world of a book. It would be great if I could create an imaginative world people could inhabit for a while.

TLL: What type of reader are you hoping to attract? Who do you believe would be most interested in reading your books?

I would like everyone who enjoys imaginative writing to give my books a try! I would like to attract everyone! I suppose I’m a bit of a geek, so maybe my interest in sci-fi and fantasy bleeds into my fiction.

TLL: What advice would you give other authors or those still trying to get published?

I was lucky enough initially to find a publisher, but it’s totally okay to self-publish nowadays. Also, avoid any publisher that asks you for money.

TLL: What particular challenges and struggles did you face before first becoming published?

Sometimes it’s hard to schedule writing time around the day job, particularly to begin with. I had cancer (I’m now clear) and it finally convinced me to make a serious effort to get published. I also have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), which means I have to rest a lot.

TLL: Wow… you’ve had some challenges to overcome. Let’s ask Stacey to draw another couple more and we can toast to your good health… now, and in the future. Thank you Stacey! Cheers!

Have you taken any writing or publishing classes? If so, please provide information about them and if you feel they helped you further your professional skills.

I trained as a journalist. Reporting news teaches you to write in a way that is understandable to everyone reading it, to be concise, and not to use long words if a short one will do!

TLL: What do you like most and least about being an author? What is your toughest challenge?

I think a lot of writers doubt their abilities on bad days. It seems unreal, sitting at a desk, that people will one day be reading and connecting with what you are dreaming up. But incredibly that is what happens.

TLL: Your hobbies and interests besides writing? What do you like to do for fun?

I really enjoy oil painting. You get the same feeling of creative satisfaction as you do with writing. I also enjoy archery occasionally. I read a lot. I’m a sucker for box sets!

TLL: Where would we find you out and about?

Probably frequenting coffee shops typing into my laptop. Also in the countryside. Periods of illness indoors have given me a love of the great outdoors.

TLL: What is your favorite food, color, dog/cat/pet?

I had bowel cancer so I’ve given up on red meat. I eat a lot of fish now. I was brought up with cats so I’m a cat guy.

TLL: What do you like to read? What are you reading now?

I like reading about history. I just finished “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari, which looks at the history of our species. I’m listening to Bob Brier’s excellent Great Courses lectures on Ancient Egypt. I like travel books and recently enjoyed Robert Macfarlane’s “The Old Ways.” Fiction-wise I’m half-way through Ben Aaronovitch’s “Rivers of London” series.

TLL: I love to study Ancient Civilizations, especially Egypt, so we have a common interest there.

Thank you!

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